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Jesse Eugene Russell, pioneer inventor in digital cellular technologies.

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If you’re currently reading this post on your cellphone, you have Jesse Eugene Russell to thank for that! Jesse Eugene Russell, aka the Father of the Cellphone, is a Black inventor trained in electrical engineering. A graduate of Tennessee State University, Russell became the first graduate of an HBCU to be hired by AT&T Bell Labs. He went on to receive his MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and became an expert in digital signal processing.

During his time at AT&T he suggested taking the car phone more on the go and putting one in every hand. This technology took over four years to perfect. But finally in 1988, Russell released the first digital cellular system to the world. Currently, Russell holds over 75 patents in digital cellular technologies, including but not limited to: the mobile data telephone, the base station for mobile radio telecommunications systems, & the broadband cable telephony network architecture IP ITN network architecture reference model, etc.

In 2000, Russell left Bell Labs to become the CEO of incNETWORKS, which is one of the leaders in MicroLTE product platforms for 4G devices.


Source: Michael Campbell||Linkedin




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