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Book Review: Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff.

Dumani Mandela

I am half way on the book Fire and Furry by Michael Wolff and I really don’t think that Wolff has any journalistic integrity. I can actually say that I am not going to read anymore. It is mind-numbingly childish with a one sided attack on Trump and all those that surround him as not having any integrity nor competence to be able to run the white house. The book is written in first person and tells a one sided story about an incompetent, inexperienced Trump team both pre and post elections whom were not even sure if they were going to win the elections.


Personally I think Wolff is trying desperately to be accepted by the American liberal community with high entry barriers for intellectuals rather than the morally deprived conservatives whom the neo conservatives have driven the conservative agenda for in the last twenty years. Sadly for him this book does not have an ounce of intellectualism and is written like a bar room brawl against Trump and his aids. Wolff goes too far in trying to demonize Trump and his family to the general public and tries to proffer the idea that Trump does not have capacity and also might be a bit volatile to occupy the post of US president.


Would I say the book is well written – the answer is no as there is very little to prove that there was any actual research done rather it’s a book told on hearsay and conjecture of what Wolff thinks is the truth. Personally I think if Trump won the US presidential elections there must be more to him that just an attention seeking person. I think somewhere deep down with Trump there is a spark of genius that is largely misunderstood both by the media and general observers of his management style.


It is obvious that Wolff is trying desperately hard to tell a story of a failed presidency even before it started by attacking Trump personally as well as those who surround him. I think if the book were ten pages it would have said all that Wolff wanted to say in the 269 mind-numbing pages of conjecture and what he states is close observation.


The book has a lot of it misconstrued and BS. That said, I think he captures the chaos and distrust that exists in this administration before Trump got in the Presidency and post.

Those facts are clear by the firing of Communications director, campaign chairman , Cheif of Staff , National Security Director etc


I think both sides, Democrat and Republican have allowed Washington DC to be transformed into Gossip central and hence the book relates that culture. As a non American I would have proffered for Wolff to expound on what kind of systems change needs to take place in Washington and with the American media in order for conscientious readers to get a balanced view of what is actually taking place in America. One might go as far as to say that the rise of Trump is a symptom that a changing America is going through. And that symptom might be the general disdain for the poor state public discourse a failing intellectual class have given birth to in the US. I think writers like Wolff are largely responsible for the poor discourse that is happening in the US in general without putting together any robust and viable alternatives to what needs to change.




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