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RAW Book Review: Hitman Anders and the meaning of it all

The Real African|| By Dumani Mandela

I know normally I don’t recommend books, which are written by non-Africans for the African market. But on this one occasion, I had to make an exception for a book so delightful it will leave the reader laughing and wanting more with pure amazement at the plot twists.

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Jonas Jonasson – Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it All

The book is called Hitman Anders and the meaning of it all. The book is written by a well-known Swedish writer named Jonas Janasson and it takes place in Stockholm Sweden.

The plot is about a Hitman named Anders who discovers after numerous jail stints that he would like to reform and become a man of God.

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The other two main characters in the book are a priest Johanna Kjellander and a hotel receptionist Per Persson whom Hitman Anders carries out his adventures in the book with. The plot starts off with a missing five thousand Kronor which belongs to Hitman Anders for a job that he was meant to do of which he only did half. Instead of breaking a man’s two arms for five thousand Kronor each he only broke on in two places and so his employer only gives him half of the money.

An associate of Hitman Anders’s associates drops off the money at the hotel with Per Persson the hotel receptionist with the event was witnessed by local priest Johanna Kjellander. Upon both noticing that only half of the money had been paid Hitman Anders instructs the priest and the receptionist to recoup his money for him or else he would hurt them in the worst way. In trying to recoup Hitman Anders money the hotel receptionist Per and the Priest Johanna hatch a plan to make use of the Hitman’s services whilst also earning themselves money.

In principle, they become the agents for Hitman Anders and in return, they keep a percentage of all his jobs. The plan works out very well until Hitman Anders decides that he no longer believes in hurting people for money and converts to being very religious. Of course for Johanna and priest and the hotel receptionist Per this is a disaster for their plan to make money off Hitman Anders. But in going along with his wishes they concur with him about the nature of God and assist him to start his own church where he is the head priest.

The book is a maddening journey of comic relief and also wonderful plot twists that will leave the reader enthralled at every page.  This book is very long however about 370 pages, but I would suggest if one has a weekend where they can dedicate to reading then this book is a must have and a must read for all those who love reading novels.


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