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Africa will not progress by living in the past

For Africa to move forward, it must leave the past behind and look forward to the future. A better future for the continent cannot be built by delving continually into the past, said Dr. Corné Mulder, chief whip of the FF Plus.

During the parliamentary debate on Africa day, Mulder said it is in everyone’s interest that the continent should be built and that it must be successful and compete with the rest of the world.

“A lot of attention is being paid to the fact that Africa must unite. Perhaps we should rather look at our own country, our own home and make a success here. If every African country does so, the continent will be successful.”
“It is good to talk about Pan-Africanism, political, social and economic development and solidarity. That’s all good, but it has to start with the basic things like economic growth.”

“It is painful to see that South Africa is deteriorating. It is painful to see that countries such as Egypt and Nigeria outshine us. Let’s get our own house in order. Let’s make a success of South Africa, then we can play a role in the rest of Africa and set an example.”

“Finally, it’s about leadership and leaders who are prepared to stand up for what’s right. Leaders who stand up against corruption, mismanagement and set an example for the road South Africa has to take,” said Dr. Mulder.




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