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RAW Book Review: Synchronicity

The Real African|| By Dumani Mandela

Joseph Jawroski’s book Synchronicity is a must read for all those who are afraid to follow their life’s calling.

The book starts off with the Watergate scandal involving US president Richard Nixon which sparked the need for a new breed of leadership. Jawroski’s talks of his father who had worked in on the Watergate Trial as one of the most successful trial lawyers in US history; and how that motivated him to succeed in the legal fraternity as a result of his father’s success.

Joseph Jaworski

His accomplishments as a trial lawyer are satisfying at first, even though struggling a bit to come out from under his father’s shadow. He details the shortcomings in his personal life mixed with his lack of understanding of leadership, subsequently driving him to make changes in his personal and professional life to understand the true meaning servant leadership.

The book then touches on the break up of his marriage and leaving his full time job as a trial lawyer to follow his passion, to develop a new kind of leadership based on new universal humanistic principles of servant leadership.

In Africa we would refer to these principles as universal humanistic principles of Ubuntu.

Jawroski goes on to develop the ALF (American Leadership Forum) through a spate of coincidence and luck, which he refers to as the natural order of things. In the book he delves on the same concept as Paulo Coehlo in the Alchemist, that if you choose a certain direction with your life and you follow your heart and commit, that; “the universe will conspire with you” to achieve that goals.

After he successfully forms the ALF, he is then invited to be a member of the prestigious Shell Scenario Management Team. He details his adventures at Shell, namely, developing two scenarios in the early 90’s which would lead to a new profound insight of the integrated nature of leadership.

In the book he talks about the idea that when he followed his dreams he was able to understand what servant leadership entailed and how to develop it along with assistance from the universe. He tells of stories where he was guided to meet the right kind of people who would later assist him to achieve his dreams in the book through the power of intent, commitment and personal leadership.

In a way, the book alludes to the idea that there is a universal plan for all of us, and if we are brave enough to follow it then the universe naturally opens up its wonders to us. I would recommend this seminal book for anyone who has been procrastinating on making a change in his or her life due to fear and insecurity.


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